Creating solutions during difficult times

Since inception we have worked in some of the world's poorest communities, and because of support of people like you we've seen how far every donated dollar can go when it makes its way into the hands of someone who desperately needs it. As badly as help has been needed before, that desperation is exponentially greater during a global crisis. 

While we've experienced what it's like when government decides to put their country into lock-down to halt the spread of the coronavirus, most of us will never understand the long-lasting implications when you are impoverished and this restriction is put into place. In the communities where our artisan partners work and live, most people survive on a dollar a day, with no savings to fall back on. With restrictions much more strict than what we've seen in the U.S., they have no access to food for their families, life-saving medicine, or clean water for proper sanitation.

We are grateful to be able to report that our artisan partners are safe, taking the necessary precautions to stay healthy, and have the resources they need during this time. Unfortunately, we can't say the same thing about their entire communities.

We have seen first hand how difficult this epidemic is on impoverished communities, and to do our part we are initiating Emergency Funds for our artisan partners: money that artisans are independently deploying to those in their community who need in most. We are fortunate to be connected with more than 8,000 changemaking women, situated in more than 30 different countries in these most marginalized communities across the globe.  Beyond their own needs, they work hard to look after their neighbors.

For our current giving initiative, 100% of all donations will be sent to artisan partners so they can get resources into the hands of those in their communities that need it most.  In addition, 100% of profits from sales in the marketplace will go back to procure more products from the artisans to keep them working from home until restrictions are lifted and they can return to their work environment.  Now more than ever, it's important to show up for one another and support small locally and globally.




Studies show that women reinvest up to 90 percent of their incomes back into their families.Investing in women and girls creates long-term social and economic benefits for all individuals, their communities, and the world as a whole.


Please consider making a contribution today, or shopping our Fair Trade marketplace to support women just like you across the globe.